YCBG 50mg CBG Water 500ml (buy 2 get 1 free)

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Water is the most important element when it comes to overall human health. So why not enhance your hydration with this CBG infused spring water from YCBG?

This CBG spring water is fully certified & lab tested and is created with the purest water-soluble CBG extract.

CBG has been dubbed as the ‘new CBD’ as it has been reported to show even more health benefits. As well as having all of the usual advantages associated with CBD, studies suggest that CBG has more antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties that could potentially treat infections and kill bacteria.

- 50mg CBG

- Size: 500ml

- Certified and lab tested

- Full raw material traceability

- Mixes seamlessly with no clumps or lumps

500mg Naturally filtered spring water, 50mg broad-spectrum water-soluble CBG

THC content<0.2%